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Fireangels is a small fanbased publisher run by Myriam Denise Engelbrecht and a group of friends.

We aim to publish Boys Love and Girls Love content with interesting stories and gorgeous artwork
and did our best to accomplish that since 2004.

As the German comic market experienced a shift towards self-publishing artists we focused on
forein language licenses such as
"The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal" from E.K. Weaver (USA),
"Lost in the Snow" from Velvettoucher (Japan),
"Outwards" from Wendigo (Italy),
"Tango" from Lara Yokoshima (Mexico).

If you're interested in seeing your independent Comicbook or Manga in a German language edition,
just drop us a note. We're looking for new projects!


please replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .

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