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Release of the months: November & December 2009

recent open call:

Boys Love Anthology 16+ & 18+


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Here you will find the list of our open calls. The best submissions will be published - mostly in Anthologies* and the Artists will be paid a fee. Additionally every artists gets 2-3 free copies and other benefits.

Ceck out the information on how to hand in your submissions.



currently no open calls


What you can submit:
Manga between 26 and 100 pages; japanese reading direction
Roughs, scetches, character-design or extra artwork to your manga

If your works are longer or shorter please contact us anyway.

There are no restrictions but it has to contain (at least hints) BL/Yaoi. We listed a few suggestions here.
Stories for a mature audience are preferred.
"Mature" does not mean that they have to contain sex but are to contain a more complex plot than e.g. two highschool boys falling in love with each other. If it fits into the storyline of course sexy lovescenes are welcome. However we also disapprove if you simply try to rise the rating by including sex.

[ Boys Love ] FSK-16 / FSK-18
deadline: -open end-
[Link to the LJ-Entry]

[ Lily ] Yuri FSK-16
deadline: -open end-
[Link to the LJ-Entry]


[ Chibi-Invasion ] Yaoi & Yuri / FSK-16
deadline: -open end-


* The publisher reserves the right to combine or cancell planned anthologies if there are not enough submissions.

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