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Release of the months: November & December 2009

recent open call:

Boys Love Anthology 16+ & 18+


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Ideas and suggestions for your submissions:

a) Fantasy; can be set on earth or on a completely different world. Can be dark and feature elves, dragons, fairies, vampires and every other kind of fantasy creature.

b) Fairy-tales; Just take a fairy-tale and re-write it with yaoi elements. The original fairy-tale has to be recognisable. Plot and moral can differ and also non famous fairy-tales are allowed.

c) Man meets 'man' - About the meeting of a bishounen type and a "real" man.. with all the arising problems and implications of their life as a couple, lovers, affair, ect.

d) Science Fiction! - The rest is up to you... can be set on earth or outer space etc.

e) Surreal - psychic/transcendental/extrasensory perception or otherwise surreal things like dreams or the other side of the mirror.

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